Invisible Ghosts ⎮ Glow in the Dark Freehand Nail Art Tutorial

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Do you know what’s hiding in the dark?👻
This was really fun to do, super easy and quick. And the best part is that it totally freaked out my husband 😉

It’s kind of hard to see in the video and when it dries and you add a topcoat, it’s even harder. You know that there’s something in there, basically because I tried to achieve kind of a 3D look, but you don’t know what it is until you turn off the lights. But you aren’t supposed to see ghosts in daylight, right? 😉
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I usually use my thumb for the video, so you can’t really see the whole design, but this way it isn’t too long and boring and you still get the idea.

I used OPI Alpine Snow and Matte Top Coat as a base. The rest is freehand painted with acrylic paint, water-based glow in the dark paint and a Roubloff 00 brush.

I usually don’t use stickers, stamping, decals or anything mechanical, I prefer freehand micropainting and I see every nail like a tiny canvas.

Protect your cuticles with peel off base coat or liquid latex or anything you like to use. Or you can make a mess and clean up later, that’s always an option 😉

Invisible Ghosts ⎮ Glow in the Dark Freehand Nail Art Tutorial

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