Fairy Forest Freehand Nail Art Tutorial

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I actually wanted to do a more realistic scenery but at some point it started to look more like a fairy forest and I just went with it.

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I used OPI Alpine Snow and Mavala Color-Matt top coat as a base. The rest is freehand painted with acrylic paint and a Roubloff 00 brush. I let the paint dry and I painted over it with glow in the dark nail polish.

I usually don’t use stickers or decals or anything mechanical, I prefer free hand micropainting and I see every nail like a tiny canvas. Protect your cuticles with peel off base coat or liquid latex or anything you like to use. Or you can make a mess and clean later, that’s always an option 😉

Fairy Forest Freehand Nail Art Tutorial

Fairy Forest Freehand Nail Art Tutorial

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