Easy Nail Art Tutorial for Beginners Cute Heart Flowers

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This is the first video of a new series of easy nail designs. It’s very easy and fast, no background ombre, no horizontal strokes, it doesn’t have to be perfect and it will still look good. And it’s very cute 😉

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I paint on false nails because it allows me to do more tutorials and because I sell them on Etsy, but I’ve been painting these designs on my own nails for years. If you work on your natural nails, protect your cuticles with peel off base coat or tape or anything you like to use, so you can safely make horizontal strokes without making a mess. Or you can make a mess and clean later, that’s always an option 😉 In case you are wondering, I use poster adhesive to manipulate them, I know you can buy these fake fingers for nail art, but I find them a little bit creepy, so… nope 😉 I use nail polish (most of my collection is from KIKO now), acrylic paint and UV topcoat.

Easy Nail Art Tutorial for Beginners Cute Heart Flowers



Feel free to comment and contact me. If you try my tutorials, please tag me or send me photos, I would love to see them.


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